What Our Clients Say

  • Anil and his team at Whiz Solutions have performed well beyond our expectations! They truly are professionals committed to the very best standard and quality of work! They are very easy to work with and were very prompt to complete any additional requests we had for them. The backend they built for us is amazing! They included everything we asked for and more. Its robust features truly give us the ability to accommodate any customer's needs! Along the way, their counsel and recommendations have proved invaluable. Anil and his team truly strive to understand your business. This was especially evident when they offered suggestions for features on our backend we hadn't yet considered, which have proved critical to the functionality of our business. They also redesigned the front-end of our site, finding weaknesses in the system and reprogramming the funnel-flow of clients arriving to our site. In this way we have seen a large boost in the number of client conversions. At the end of the day, we totally recommend Whiz Solutions to any company looking for a quality web development that won't completely break the bank! There was never a time that we asked for something and they responded negatively. It was always "yes, we can do that" or "Of course, lets look into it"! We definitely plan on working with them for all of our future projects and would highly recommend others to do the same!

    - Angela (US)

  • This was a long project and had several moving parts. Whiz Solutions did a great job for us and were faster doing the work than we could right what we needed. Very satisfied and will use them again in the future

    David (US)

  • We absolutely love working with Whiz Solutions. They are so talented...not only in design, but in the actual development of the application. They are always responsive to any questions we have and quick to move project toward completion. Their code writing abilities are amazing. I look forward to many future projects. I unequivocally recommend Whiz Solutions

    John (US)

  • We have developed a close relationship with Whiz Solutions during the development of our website, and they come with our warmest recommendation. Whiz Solutions have managed to develop their understanding of our industry (logistics and transportation) and applied that to the system development of our website. They have successfully implemented key functionality linking the site to external sources and functionality, and built comprehensive algorithms and analytics into the site. The site has been developed based on specifications and design prepared by us with frequent reviews of progress. Special strengths: a. Analytical skills b. Ability to link technical and practical aspects c. Clarity in communication d. Pro-activeness and speed of communication and delivery. We are not technically skilled, but Whiz Solutions have managed to bridge that gap and in the process developed our understanding significantly. The collaboration has been strong and mutual, and we feel Whiz Solutions has worked as an integral part of our organization. Working with Whiz Solutions has made the offshore model possible and as effective as we could ever think it could be with local development. Whiz Solutions come with our warm recommendations, and we look forwarder to continue our collaboration for further system development.

    Morten (Denmark)

  • It was a pleasure working with Whiz company they did what was asked perfectly, they adjusted updates correctly and well within the time arangement even with the holidays. Do not hestitate when doubting to hire, your job will be in good hands.

    Gunther (Belgium)

  • Whiz Solutions are incredibly professional and very helpful during the build process. This was my first time using a company based in India, and Whiz Solutions made the process very easy and reassuring. They went above and beyond showing foresight and creativity in what was to be done, and what should be done. They anticipated what would be best to do, even if it wasn't included in my details. I would certainly work with Whiz Solutions again and would be unlikely to trust someone's work as much as I do Whiz Solutions.

    Christopher (US)

  • When I first considered hiring someone online to help with our project I didn't know what to expect. However Whiz Solutions, have exceeded my expectations. I have been working with Whiz Solutions for several months now and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. They are very professional and their expertise is great. I have hired them for another project and hope to continue doing business in the future.

    Edgar (US)

  • Whiz Solutions did a fantastic job for us. They went to great effort to exceed our expectations. They are an extremely polite and professional service provider. They completed the work quickly and efficiently and communicated well. We will definately use Whiz Solutions again.

    - Karen (Australia)

  • I worked with Whiz Solutions when managing the development of a bespoke web application. It was a pleasure working with Anil: always very professional and quick in replying. The project went smoothly and according to plan and if anything was unclear or wasn’t entirely right, it was fixed immediately without any trouble. Thanks for the good work, guys!

    - Peter (Belgium)